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Via Monte Giberto 67 – 00138 Roma, IT


Calle Filomena Gomez De Cova n.3 Torre Corporativo 2015 suite 702 – Ens. Naco, Santo Domingo, R.D.


Revoluční 1082/8, Nové Město, 110 00 Praga, R.C.


Competence and commitment are the distinctive features of our work. Our clients are enterprising individuals open to new challenges. Through our organization, they can invest their capital freely and leverage their experience in a new, flexible, secure, and highly advantageous context.

We aim to become the reference point for those looking to invest in the real economy of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, ensuring the proper return on capital through intelligent, concrete, and secure operations in one of the world’s most active markets.


We envision, design, and build the most advantageous investments together with our clients. We identify and execute the best opportunities in the real estate sector and beyond. We specialize in capital placement strategies in the Dominican Republic.

We can generate financially favorable solutions with low tax impact and develop customized short and long-term projects for those looking to invest a portion of their personal or corporate wealth in a creative and informed manner.

Real Estate Development

We identify, evaluate, and promote real estate projects either directly or in collaboration with highly selected partners. We carefully assess the risk-benefit ratio, maximizing opportunities while minimizing risk. We handle project design and management, material and technology procurement, with on-site supervision throughout the project’s execution. Our structure is geared towards operations that prioritize – though not exclusively – high cultural, environmental, and tourism value, and we consider capital participation in these endeavors. Additionally, we take part in cultural revitalization, heritage recovery, and restoration programs in the Dominican Republic.

Business internationalization

We effectively and personally support our clients in developing internationalization strategies between Europe and the Dominican Republic. We assess the potential for companies to expand abroad, maximizing opportunities and minimizing risks through our trusted network. We provide our legal, technical, and economic expertise to establish commercial channels and develop business ventures quickly and with guaranteed results. We offer legal and administrative assistance for the establishment of operational companies in Europe and the Caribbean. We also develop franchising activities with or without direct participation, through the conception, activation, and management of precise development programs.

Strategic consulting

We provide technical, economic, financial, and commercial consulting and assistance services. We specialize in low-tax capital placements. Through continuous monitoring, we can identify and apply available incentives and pinpoint the best options for public and private financing to create optimal conditions for attracting capital to the Dominican Republic. We offer logistical, customs, and banking assistance to enhance business strategies and facilitate the free flow of capital.

We are at the forefront of implementing new digital systems based on blockchain technology, enabling straightforward and efficient management of relational and economic processes between countries with different regulations.

Looking for a new professional opportunity?

We are constantly on the lookout for motivated and skilled individuals to expand our network. In particular, we are seeking:

– Experienced professionals in economics and taxation with international work experience.

– Experts in construction and new technologies for emerging countries in Central and South America.

– Commercial consultants with a client portfolio compatible with corporate initiatives

– Economic operators and promoters of real estate initiatives.